Intial Ideas

I didnt know whether to begin by looking for a narrative to illustrate with photographs or persue a photoshoot I have had in mind for while and find some appropriate narrative to accompany it. I started by looking into music and picking out songs I like but the problem I had with most of these was that the visual images that the songs conjure up are ones from the official music videos and it is very hard to think differently to how they have already been illustrated. I then looked into various other texts such as:the witches passage from Shakespeares Macbeth , Bunny and Yolanda’s conversation in the movie Pulp Fiction and the opening scene from the movie ‘Thirteen” . I really like all of these texts which I picked out but I found it hard to fit in 15 images around them.

I then decided to do something I am interested in at the moment which is the concept of youth and what it means and this goes really well with a song that I find quite emoitional because it makes me feel pretty depressed, the song is Forever Young by Jay-Z and Mr.Hudson, I am going to use this as my narrative for the 15 images.


My favourite photographer, Jolijn Sniders started the online magazine ILOVEFAKE and it has been the reason to why I have decided to persue my interest in meaning of youth.

Lucy Carr-Ellison – a photographers work that I want to do

First go at a web page

Here is my first go using the Dreamweaver software to create a website. It is very basically done index page in a http format, I have created inseted some text and a pitcure. When the document is saed it can be opened in the web browser and viewed as it would be as a website. When creating mywebsite I am going to create it for a 19 ” screen as this is the standard size, I do not want it any bigger because I do not want scrolling on my web page and if it is a larger web page then then when my website is viewed ona standard size screen (19″) it will have scrolling.


This is a screen grab of how to change the reolution and size of an image in photoshop, it is achieved by going into file-save as webdevices. You can see how I have selected jpeg and it has given me four different resolution options, the higher/better the resolution, the bigger the image file is.


The Difference between a Bitmap image and a Vector image is that a Bitmap image has a contineous tone with a larger colour pallet (16million colours) and a vector images is a block colour images with a smalled colour pallet (258colours).