I have created a Flickr account incase I decide to use Pictobrowser gallery to show my photographs in Dreamweaver. I will know whether I am going to use this after I know whether it is possible to create the website I want on Rapidweaver. After 2 hours of attempts on Rapidweaver 3 I have got nowhere so will have to wait to get some advice. My Flickr is; Phoebe Lettice. I have got no photographs up there yet.


Deciding what images to go on my website and how to put them on from Photoshop to Dreamweaver

I have been trawling through all my photographs that I like and are relatively current to decide which ones to put on my website. I first just selected photographs I liked and put them in a folder then divided them into sub folders, such as FASHION and PORTRAIT. I then weeded out the photographs I thought were weaker. All the time I have kept in mind what images would be best to  promote me as a brand, this would be more of my fashion work. However the problem I have is that I really love my documentary photographs of locations but they are not really relevant to fashion but they are a huge part of what I am about. I think I will include them in under PLACES or LOCATIONS. I have created the catagory BOY because over a few year I have used my little brother Joe to model for me and I think my images show a journey of both the development of my work and style and also Joe growing up and changing. I have prepared all my photographs I am considering putting on my blog in Photoshop by saving them for web devices so they are ready to go whether I decide to use Dreamweaver of Rapidweaver.

To save images in Photoshop to be used in Dreamweaver or another website creating programme the images must be optimised before they can be imported into the browser. to do this in Photoshop you go to to FILE – SAVE FOR WEB DEVICES.

Then two sets of the image will appear so you can compare the the quality of the image, the type of file, size and download speed in a browser are at the bottom left of image this helps give you an indication of what the image will be like in a browser.

To change the settings of the image use this tool bar on the left of the window. If you change the quality of the image you can see the difference from the original to the new image, the download speed decreases when quality does. I have changed all of my images to Quality; 60 because I think it gives me a quicker download speed but still retains a high quality image.

Once you have done this you click save

You can see here that I have created a folder of my saved website images and made sub folders of the navigation I plan to have on my website.

Dreamweaver, Rapidweaver or WordPress?

Dreamweaver is the software  I used to make my html website, I found difficult and irritating to use. WE were introduced to Rapidweaver, this is a template based website creation tool from Realmac Software for Mac OS X. I found it much simpler and quicker to use. The problem is my Mac is too old for the version 5 which is the version we were shown. I downloaded version 3 but it is not the same and with not the same amount of themes available. I am not sure that you can download ‘Block’ for it either. ‘Blocks’ is a theme available from that allows you to have a completely blank canvas in Rapidweaver and ‘Blocks Box’is the plug in you buy from and together they allow the freedom to create the website you want. What I like about Rapidweaver is that you can insert a flash gallery within the program and and have insert a page from your blog in iframe. This obviously something applies to me because I blog regularly and it shows my work in progress. If I can get tuition on how to work Rapidweaver 3 I will  use it because I want the freedom within the design of my website as it is likely to change over time as I very quickly get bored of my work and aesthetics. This is another reason why I have chosen to have a very simple design.

Another option for me is to create my website in Dreamweaver and insert a picture gallery, because I would like a flash gallery. It will be easier to create and looks and works slicker. I only want a picture galley that is very minimal, so with a white back ground and now quirky extras. The advantage of creating a website in Dreamweaver is that I can have a splash page is I wish, I originally wanted a splash page but after discussing it further it may not be a good idea because it may reduce my hits as it adds another click to my site. Galleries I am going to consider using are Pictobrowser or Splashr. Pictobrowser uses Flickr and imports 3 sets free of charge into your website ad you can add, rearrange and delete images from here rather than dreamweaver. This really appeals to me because I produce new work frequently and would want it to appear on my website as soon as I had it edited. I need to make a Flickr if i want to do this as I do not currently have one, I have always used blogs to promote my work until now.

WordPress did appeal to me for a bit but it is quite restricted design wise I think it would frustrate me if I did not have creative freedom and individuality. I did look at a few of the themes and few did appeal but not enough for me to use it as my website.

Final website design

Starting to work on my final website design, after completing the mock ups of different styles of web design in class I used this as inspiration to create some mock up final designs in Photoshop. The Logo I using is the one I designed for one of my website designs. I am using this logo because I feel it represents me as a it emulates youth and creativity, these are values that I want to promote. Youth is a key concept behind all of my photography so it is important that I incorporate this into my logo as part of my branding. What I also like about the logo is that it derived from one of my fashion photographs, the area of photography I am going to concentrate on. I used this specific font in my web designs because I think it is fun, young and creative and works well with the aesthetic of the website. The website is quite minimal and professional and I think the font adds an element of playfulness. As a brand I do not want to take myself too seriously, I have chosen to do this because the market I am aiming for first is  new urban fashion magazines and their market is 16-30 year olds. On the screen grab below I changed the logo size to bigger because I think this is an important part of my branding as I will use my logo on my promotional materials. ‘Boy’ is black because it has been selected, when it is unselected it will be the same pink as the other buttons. The buttons will turn black when they have been selected and it will link to the appropriate gallery. I use grids on photoshop  to help me align everything correctly.

I am still going to use the logo I created last semester I think it is right for my branding because it to me when I see it I think that its connotations are youth, fashion, women and creativity, all ideologies I want to be part of my branding.