So after looking at my options of how I could design my website and which would best suit me I went for Rapidweaver. Luckily I managed to get hold a Mac OX 10.5 to update my laptop so the most up to date version of Rapidweaver could run. I chose to use Rapidweaver because I like the way you can buy plug -ins and different themes which gives you a lot of variety. I have always wanted a really basic website because I do not want to distract away from my images. My installing Blocks and Blocks box I can achieve this in Rapiedweaver.


Update on Flickr and Flash Gallery; Pictobrowser

I now have some images of Flickr! I have never had Flickr before I have just exhibited my work on blogs so this is all new to me but it is pretty simple to get to grips with. I am going to use Flickr in Pictobrowser to create my flash element of the module only, I am going to go through in stages how I created and changed a flash gallery.

This is my new Flickr, I added a several photos from my new shoot;

So I have gone to Pictobrowser.com and I am going to enter my Flicker user name so my photo stream appears.

For Photostream to show my Flickr photos they have to be organised in sets for me to be able to do this, so in Flickr I put my first upload of my recent shoot into my new set.

You then select this in Pictobrowser and your Flickr set appears

Pictobrowser gives you options to change the flash gallery in, I changed the transparency on mine because my image was really large and was cut off at the bottom, I also think this look good because it makes the images and the gallery all one. I can also make the gallery lager so the bottom of my image is not cut off. You can also adjust the image alignment by changing the player settings; Width and Height, the gallery always stays central within the browser.

To edit the colour of the gallery in Pictobrowser you click on Hex value under background colour. I changed the colour of the background of my gallery because I want it to look seamless and the rest of my website will be white so it will fit in. To do this I changed the the hex value to FFFFFF which is white. No hex value at all is black.

The HTML colde in Pictorbrowser is what you copy and paste into your website or blog and it generates a gallery.

You can also edit the gallery by changing the actual HTML code, so you can further edit your gallery once you have copied and pasted it into your browser.

I do like the idea of using Pictobrowser in my website because it is an easy way to update your gallery in your website and it can look really professional, I will not be using it because I am not going to build my website with dreamweaver, however if I was I would use it. The disadvantage of using Pictobrowser is the number of sets you are restricted to using for free from Flickr, which is 3 but within these 3 sets you can have unlimited amount of images, I think this would be a good way of exhibiting your work for a new photographer with fewer number of images to show.