Before I started creating my website I downloaded Block and Blocks box plug in so I have a blank canvas in which to create my website. Once Rapidweaver is open you click on the ‘Add’ icon at the top left of the page and a window will open with a choice of diffrent pages you can add to the website.

I then selected ‘Blocks’ and a white page appears, I then renamed the page so it is easier to navigate between them as I star to build up my website, to do this you double click on the web page. To increase the size of the web page you go to Web Inspector – Page. I changed mine to 900×700.

To select the Blocks box theme I went into themes and ctrl click blocks box and select duplicate theme, I then renamed this theme to use on my website.

By continuing to add extra pages into my website such as a homepage and a page for each of my galleries I found Rapidweaver a lot easier to use than Dreamweaver. I have created galleries within my pages by selecting ‘Photo Album’ in ‘Add’ and dragging it under my page. For my splash page (now changed to index page) I have made my logo and placed it in the center of the page. I have always envisaged my index page to be minimal like this, when the user clicks on logo it navigates them to the homepage.

I created buttons for my website in Photoshop, downloading a font from I then saved them as jpegs and dragged them into Rapidweaver where I played around with different layouts until I decided on one I liked. I have the logo on each of my pages to make the site come together and I want my logo to be a big part of my branding, as it will feature on my stickers and and business cards.

Making a gallery in Rapidweaver is very simple you just add a ‘Photo Album’ page and drag and drop in the images that you have already saved for web devices. I played around with the order of my images in ‘Edit’ and by selecting preview you can see what it will look like in a browser.

To add a link for navigation you select the navigation (in my case I was using text images) and select add link and it brings up this window;

By setting a link to the page you want to be navigated to it will then do so when the navigation is clicked on in a web browser.

I found Rapidweaver much easier to use and update than Dreamweaver I am glad I chose to make my website this way.


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