Business cards

Before I created my own business cards I looked at other photographers online. I found a lot of the designs very cheesy and quite dated. I looked at my parents business cards and my uncles for design ideas.

I found a few online that I liked;

I like these designs because they are simple and easy to read. The font is smart and not childish, they look professional.

Some examples of Designs I do not likeare;

I really do not like these designs because I think they look like they have been created in WordArt and I thin think this kind of design is dated so it would not give the best impression if I used a design like this as I want to do fashion photography.

I created a mock up of what I would like my business cards to look like. I have spent some time playing round with what I think should be on my business. I want it to be in keeping with my branding, so the same logo and font used on my website and CV.

This is the first mock up I did;

I think this is far too busy and I do not like having ‘photographer’ and ‘stylist’ on my cards. I do not want to give myself a title because I do not think I am yet a photographer or a stylist I would prefer to market myself as a creative person and use my business cards to look professional when asked for my contact details.

I now think that I want a double sided business card, this was my original idea but I thought it could work just on one side. It does not work if I want to include everything I want and still keep it very minimal.

This is how the front will look…

and this is an idea for the back…

Final designs;

and back…

I used the same font ‘Princetown’ as I did on my website I ddi because the logo with the ‘Princetown’ font couldbe hard to read and may be blurred on the hard copy. So I just used ‘Gill Sans’ instead this makes it easier to ead and I think the logo looks sharper like this. I used ‘Princetown’ font in pink because it goes well with my logo the connotation being; young, fresh and fun. All part of my branding.


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