Creating my CV

Before I made my ‘creative’ curriculum vitae I only had a very simple design made in a word document that covered mainly retail jobs. I re-designed my Cv in Photoshop, I kept the theme the same as my website, so sans serif font, white background, very minimal and the use of my logo to keep it in with my branding. I created a profile at the beginning of my CV as an introduction I found this quite hard to talk about myself on my last CV I simply had; ‘Hard working and ambitious student looking for part time work’. I created the layout in landscape format because I think it is not what people expect to see and come across as more creative.

I edited out information from my original CV that I do not think is relevant for my creative CV such as part time jobs I have had. I added new things like my technological software skills and expanded my interests.

I looked at a few examples of creative CV’s before I did mine.
A few I found that I think are really good in terms of showing information and creativity effectively;

I really likes this CV because it is very detailed and the overall shape of it really catches your eye I also like the simple sans serif font that makes it easy to read in amongst the elaborate graphics. The only problem is that the font is quite small and may put off some employees from reading it all.

The CV above is another example of a good design for a CV , it belong to a graphic designer and I think it really shows off his skills to full extent and it is very confrontational, I think an employee would find it hard to ignore this design.

A example of a bad design is this CV below;

It is really bad design because first of all the photograph included is far too provocative for a professional job application and suggests juxtaposed with the lined paper and handwriting font used that she is immature and inexperienced. Some of the font is horizontally aligned and just makes the paper appear messy and hard to read, along with the many little drawings that represent her badly as a graphic designer.


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