Publishing my website

To publish your website from Rapidweaver you need to put these details into you go to;

Publishing settings – File > Publishing Settings and then enter your personal details;


Then you have to click Advanced Options and make sure that User Passive Mode is checked ON.

Once I had published my website I decided to change the deisgn again slightly. I renamed some of the jpeg navigation, from ‘fashion’ to ‘editorial’ and from ‘places’ to destinations’. I did this because it sounds more professional. my website homepage now look like this;

After I published my website posted the link on my personal facebook page and my photographer page and on my blog and on my twitter. I a got positive response on my blog, with lots of ‘likes’. The most useful bit of feedback I received was from my friend who pointed out that the pages need to be re-named;

This is a good thing about Rapidweaver is that it is easier to make adjustments and republish the website if you notice mistakes.


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