Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation (


I asked my friends to go on my website and tell me honestly positive and negatives about it;

• (1)‘I really like the first page where you click on the logo and it leads to the homepage’. (Sarah, parent)
• (2) ‘I like it but I think the main photograph needs to be realigned’. (Joe, friend)
• (3) ‘I think the writing on the ‘me’ section is too close together and hard to read, it needs to be moved up a little’. (Elisa, friend)
• (4) ‘The contact form could be moved down a bit’ (Flo, friend)
• (5) ‘I think the navigation is really good it is simple and easy to use’ (Mike, friend)
• (6) ‘I think the Graphics could look better, if you worked on them a bit more, do you want me to help?’ (Sam, friend)
• (7) ‘I like the gallery because you can change it into seeing all thumbnails, which is useful if you have already visited the website and want to go back to a particular image. (Joe, friend)
• (8) ‘I like the logo’ (Noah, sibling)
• (9) ‘The white background and simple font do not distract from you images’ (Elisa, friend)

I am pleased with the feedback I got because I agree with all the constructive criticism with it. All of the friends I asked are all on creative BA courses such as Graphics and Illustration so I value their opinion highly. I also asked my parents for an older generations opinion and my brothers for a younger persons. Referring to comment (2) I think it does need to be realigned but I also think the browser page need to be bigger because the image looks out in the wrong place because of the excess white around the edges that was not part of my design. (3) I am going to make the writing on the ‘me’ section easier to read by changing the front to bold and making it slightly bigger. I am going to get some assistance with the graphics on my website, it is too late to do now before the hand in but I think it will be useful to have someone else’s opinion on the design aspect. The positive comments I received make me realise that my design considerations were correct and that if I continue to work on my website it will just improve more. I do not think that it is finished yet I think that the website I am submitting is an initial draft, I am happy with it but I know it could be better but at the moment I do not know how but it will come to me as my work develops. I think this will come as I improve my photographic skills and hopefully get more work and credits to publish. The aspect I am most pleased about is my logo that I designed last semester, usually I go off designs I create like this but I think that the logo really works for my branding. It is a drawing from a photograph (the one on my homepage) and I think it represents me well as a young creative. I did not want to have a logo with anything to do with a camera because I want to be branded as a photographer because I want to be a stylist and a fashion editor as well.


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