Final texture design

After I spent hours on trying to do a design that I thought was textured, I found it really hard because I do not like this style so whatever I produced I did not like so I changed my texture design because it looked tacky and was not user friendly, I simplified it but still tried to incorporate the use of textures. I am pleased with this design, it may not have as many obvious textured website traits but I think as a web page it works better.

final vector design

I also changed my vector design because it was too boring. I used one of my photographs as a background which works well the navigation layout and minimal monochrome appearance. Again using Gills sans font and I changed the spacing on photoshop so it is easier to read and fills the header space, I also slanted the header ‘Phoebe Lettice’ to follow the horizontal line in the image tying the whole page together better. I did not use black font because I think this is too harsh and by using a grey colour it is softer and again ties in better with the image making the web page more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Final Web 2.0 design

First go with designing a Web 2.0 design website. I prefer this to vector an texture web design because I think it goes better with my work I also found this the easiest to create because I knew what I wanted. I was inspired by the minimal look on websites I like such as; the use of black and white sans serif font and small amounts of strong colour give the website and overall professional and chic impression, and these are qualities I would like to focus on when creating my brand. The big areas of white negative space make navigation easy to find and use with no unnecessary distractions from the work.
I used Gill Sans and added a stroke to it in photoshop to make it a little bolder. The logo and navigation bar would stay there and the main frame where the two photographs are would change when different categories are selected. Over time as I did more work I think I would add sub categories to specify my work more.

Possible vector designs

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What I have done so far towards my vector design website. I still want to keep it minimal even though it has to be a vector design. I am using the logo I made in illustrator and photoshop.

Website inspiration

For when I create my website which will be a minimal vector site I want it to be like Nick Knights website;

and Kenneth Cappello’s website;