First Mood Board

1. David LaChapelle’s Website. I really like the navigation and how the text changes colour when the cursor is hovered over it. The text is bold and easy to see, located at the top of the website, I would like to use a similar sans serif font in capital letters I think it is really eye catching and straight to the point.

2. This is Mario Testino’s achieve navigation page on his website, I like how he always has his name on each different page, using it as a logo, then has the navigated page title underneath it. I like the how he has an album cover image for each different album/magazine he has worked for and when you hover over it it says which magazine it is. What I most liked about Mario Testino’s website is the homepage, it is a video of him on a shoot, it really involves the viewer and is very impressive juxtaposed with the classical music. I would like to do some thing like this as my homepage.

3. John Wright’s homepage  is just his name in really bold in sans serif, black and white. I like this because when you see the photographs you focus on them more than any fussy website designs.

4. This is a navigation bar from a photographers website I cant remember! I  really liked how each photograph is shown as a thumbnail at the side of the larger image, making it easier for selection.

5. Links to other blogs and websites you control from my website is something I will include, I got this one from the ‘I love Fake’ blog, I also included their logo which is simple, when considering a logo I am going to eep this in mind.

6. Storm Modeling agency homepage for there website, I was really impressed  with this, there is use of music and flashes going off with sound effects, a sort of virtual photoshoot. I would like to include sound effects.

7. Another example of a logo and the navigation located underneath the logo on the left of the website, this is the website for models 1. Researching into different websites has convinced me to stick to a mostly monochrome theme with my website, this is because the ones I like most and are most impressed with.

8. Rankin’s website is how I would like mine to look if I do not use a video for my homepage, it is very simple and chic with not too many different fonts or colours.

9. I am not sure I want to do this with my website but I like the styling of it and the box that is places over the image for navigation.

10. Gareth Pugh’s website has this border at the top of it and it stays there when navigated away from the homepage. I would like to choose a font that I stick to and maybe use within my logo so it becomes memorable to my name like Marc Jacobs does.