Final texture design

After I spent hours on trying to do a design that I thought was textured, I found it really hard because I do not like this style so whatever I produced I did not like so I changed my texture design because it looked tacky and was not user friendly, I simplified it but still tried to incorporate the use of textures. I am pleased with this design, it may not have as many obvious textured website traits but I think as a web page it works better.


Textured web site design

This is the final design for a textured website homepage. When creating the background I used my own image and wanted to keep a similar colour scheme of pastels and nudes for the whole page/site. This is so my photographs stand out more. I used one of my still life images as my background to my webpage, something I had not really considered before doing this, because I want to create a minimal vector website for my final design, but I am pleased with this effect. I spent a lot of time playing around with different textures and effects on the web page, I went back and changed positions and opacity of buttons. To design my logo I drew this by hand and scanned it into photoshop and changed the levels to create a more sketched effect. I did this because for a textured graphic webpage you need to have more serif font and more illustrative designs involved. I also scanned in some old polaroids and placed my new work where the image was. I like how the old polaroids are rough and off white colour, I think this goes with the background and colour scheme well.  I did two final designs because I originally had finished and then I did not think that the font looked textured enough I changed it to a sans serif font, rather than ‘gill sans’  I was using before.  This serif goes better with the logo and the textured design I do n t like it as much though. For the navigation buttons I created negatives with the title of the navigation on the top, this goes with the photography theme for the website

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