Final Web 2.0 design

First go with designing a Web 2.0 design website. I prefer this to vector an texture web design because I think it goes better with my work I also found this the easiest to create because I knew what I wanted. I was inspired by the minimal look on websites I like such as; the use of black and white sans serif font and small amounts of strong colour give the website and overall professional and chic impression, and these are qualities I would like to focus on when creating my brand. The big areas of white negative space make navigation easy to find and use with no unnecessary distractions from the work.
I used Gill Sans and added a stroke to it in photoshop to make it a little bolder. The logo and navigation bar would stay there and the main frame where the two photographs are would change when different categories are selected. Over time as I did more work I think I would add sub categories to specify my work more.


Web 2.0 Interface

It is different to Web 1.0 interface because it has;

  • More user information
  • AJAX  features – Javascript and XHTML
  • Community websites – e.g. YouTube and Facebook
  • Syndication (information being taken away) rather than stickiness (repeating visits)
  • Wikipedia instead of Britanica
  • Blogging instead of personal websites
  • Participation instead of publishing
  • Examples of Web 2.0 can be seen at

Creation tools include;

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Flickr
  • Google apps. eg. Google maps, calenders
  • Mulitude of widgets e.g. Local weather, VAT, maps
  • These would be good to integrate into my website to boost hits

Design of Web 2.0

  • Rounded shapes
  • Big bold fonts
  • Gradients
  • Sans serif fonts
  • Pastel colours
  • Large footers
  • Buttons – large and glossy
  • The font is oversized

SIMPLICITY – sums up Web 2.0 in a word

When designing my website I have to keep in mind that I only have an average of 10 seconds to impress and keep the viewer on my page. A good way to reaching a wider audience would be to create an app. for iphones and smart phones so the website is user friendly on smaller screens. To do this I would nee to remove any unnecessary components without sacrificing effectiveness, delete items less relevant to the purpose of  page, because visual activity in these areas will distract attention for the key content and navigation. Jackdaw effect is the term used to explain how people are attracted to shiny bright things over things that are not, like a magpie. When creating my website I am going to take his into account and create buttons that have a shiny effect over them, do this I will use photoshop.

This is the Icon I created  in Photoshop;

I did a few improving my technique and idea each time

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New Document>choose sans serif font>play around with tracking, I like using camel case (when all the words all pushed together but the start of each word the first letter is a capital, so to differentiate)>use ellipse tool and create a shape of the text>change colour of shape>hold down alt. key and highlight text layer and click between the two layers so they join together and the top layer acts as a mask>add a gradient>add a stoke.